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This is a platform aimed at the following objectives:

  1. Registering and managing profiles of people interested in the AFLEWO Choir/Volunteer/Alummni and other AFLEWO activities.
  2. People subscribing to periodic newsletters and announcements from AFLEWO.
  3. Making inquiries about AFLEWO.

Registration for 2018 Nairobi Choir and Band

AFLEWO 2018 Nairobi Choir and Band registration process runs from 8th January 2018 to 4th March 2018.

How to sign up for the auditions: Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

AFLEWO Nairobi 2018 registration is on. This year we will conduct auditions for the choir and band. Registration fee will be payable only after a successful audition. If you would like to be part of the choir or band go ahead and fill the form below and submit it before 1st February 2018. Successful participants will be contacted.
AFLEWO 2018 Nairobi Choir and Band Auditions Sign up Form